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I just LOVE when Mer takes the candles and outlines the house she wants to build for her and Derek. That part is just so cute to me, and I think it's a huge changing point for Meredith. But I'm not sure how this season is gonna turn out, for instance, will she go back to being plan of commitment-fearing Mer? Or has she actually turned over a new leaf? What do you think, Greys fans? And while your at it, what are some of YOUR favorite episodes?


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Dec 10, 2008 5:35PM EST

Favourite episode has got to be season 2 with the bomb! That double episode is just so action packed and so sweet when Meredith pretends that Derek is talking to her, and at the end when Derek looks for MEredith in the hospital and is all worried about her instead of Addison. And then you've got the ending where he goes to her house to check up on her and they talk about the last kiss they shared. So sweet!!

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