Peyton Sawyer: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger


Peyton Sawyer: what can we say? This girl has been through the worst and nnow: cancer? I know they say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger but let's look back on her life.

The mother she knew as her real mother was killed running a red light, in which she later finds out she was adopted. Long enough for her to let down her guard she opens up to Ellie, her birth mother only for her to die as well. Throughout this time she lets herself grow....



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Dec 25, 2008 3:41AM EST

Honestly, I have never liked Peyton, from day one. Mark has been overly obsessed with his precious Peyton to see that he has turned her into something that no one would want to like in real life. Peyton is a selfish, manipulative, backstabbing friend, and her fiancee isn't much better. Yes, she's been through "so much". But that also just makes me dislike her more. Go back and watch from Season One, until now. It's a poor pity Peyton party. She's always got such melodramatic story lines, and her acting is atrocious. I don't know what Mark, or any of the other fans see in her. If she was a real person, you'd feel like cutting your wrists if you were around her over half the time.

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