Disappointed by Season 2 premiere?

Anyone else disappointed with this? I love the show. I'd actually put it on my favorites, but I was really disappointed with the first episode this season!

I liked how some questions from last season are still left a mystery. That kind of intrigue is why I keep tuning in. I'm not certain I like the new Betty or the new Peggy to be honest. I used to really sympathize with both characters, but I did not in this first episode.

Plus, I feel like nothing happened! Nothing tremendously exciting to me. If I was a new viewer, I probably would've been let down. Anyone else? Feel free to disagree!



Jul 31, 2008 9:04PM EDT

I really liked the premiere though it made me really sad for all the characters. I guess last season did too, but this premiere seemed to be done in a more depressing way as last season, the characters were all so separate - you could feel the distance between Betty and Don, etc... but this season, they're all seemingly trying to be better, and it's appearing to be too late for some.

Large jempurple
Aug 11, 2008 12:21PM EDT

I liked the premiere as well, but thought that the second episode outshone the first, definitely! Maybe it was more for new viewers just beginning to watch the show? Like a catch-up of sorts

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