Survivor: Samoa: Achtung, Russell! Episode 13

Whew! For a moment I thought Russell was a goner. Every warrior has an Achilles' heel, and his weakness is his background, the fact that he's earned almost two million dollars from his ownership of an oil company. The moment Monica played that card, I thought it was enough to turn the tide among the (majority!) Foa Foa quickly, enough to make them realize that they are not part of his plans, and that he's just there to play them all and take everything for himself. Well, it sort of worked, but she barely realized that she's always been at the bottom of the ladder, even before the merge. Fail.

It all comes back to that overconfidence thing. Ahh, Galu's glory days, when they thought they were an invincible tribe, when that very same feeling left them without a post-merge plan. Now, the very same thing is eating Foa Foa, now that they have a four-man majority, a possibility of a three-man finale, and a leader whose intentions aren't really noble.

But at least Jaison and Mick are starting to look ahead and realize that there is a world outside their old (and irrelevant, already) tribe. Natalie, well, she's getting there. Russell? He was too caught up with his own success, however effective the stuff he's done had turned out. So, yes, he can manipulate these people to do his bidding--together they flipped the game from 8-4 Galu to 2-4 Foa Foa--but once that's done, what? He's too giddy with his success. "I can just lie around here," he'd probably say. Well, after running around camp trying to figure out who told Monica about who he really is, he must be so tired, and thus, have more than enough time to lie around.

I can't believe he never saw himself as vulnerable in any way. Better paranoid than smugly confident, perhaps complacent.

I can't believe everybody else is too dim-witted to see through everything he does. Well, until now, at least. They only realized these things now? Well, maybe, that is the point of Russell's plan, but at this point it's probably too late for anyone to subvert it. Sure, the numbers are on their side, but a victory against Russell is not winning the whole game--if you have your ambitions set that far, that is. Monica seems happy with stirring the pot. That, or you are Shambo, just hanging on, believing what Russell said in a snap.

Russell, you were lucky to have escaped that, but I do hope you stop being complacent now. You don't have Brett, you're going to lose Foa Foa, and Shambo is prone to jumping. I'm sure you have a back-up plan, but I'm not so sure now.

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