'Survivor: Samoa' Recap: Almost on the Gutter Episode 13

When a Survivor: Samoa episode ditches the names of the remaining castaways and goes straight to the titles, you know a lot of things are up. And, after last week's events, who doubts that? Russell engineered John's elimination to cover up for his little mistake, leaving Shambo alone again. Suddenly, the most dominant player on the show (arguably, note) is no longer as dominant. Surely something will be up.

After Tribal Council, Russell quickly had an excuse for Shambo. John, he claimed, was pissed at her, and wanted to vote her out. Of course, it's a lie, and she buys it--as long as Dave goes next.

Already there's some talk of the finale, and thankfully--only eight castaways remain! Jaison is showing signs of breaking out, already thinking about the jury, and playing up his cool demeanor. Suddenly, talk of Russell's actual past--of him owning an oil company, of his being a millionaire--floats, and Brett thinks that revelation will start cracks in the Foa-some. Jaison, of course, is surprised.

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