Review: Nip/Tuck - Lola Wlodkowski Season 6, Episode 8

With only two new episodes left in season six of Nip/Tuck (although, season seven does start right up again in January), I feel pretty confident in saying that "Lola Wlodkowski" will probably go down as the best of this penultimate season's 10 episodes.

For the most part, it stood alone in terms of plot and only loosely tied into the season's overarching arcs. Instead, it provided what was arguably one of the series' best takes on what beauty is while at the same time, reaffirming the differences between Sean and Christian. Hats off to Jennifer Salt for writing a helluva ep.

One the one hand, you had Christian dealing with Lola, a morbidly obese woman, and on the other, you had Sean, dealing with Tracy, a blonde bombshell. Playing completely against the stereotypes that society has deemed normal for these two individuals, Lola was the one loving life and having great sex five nights a week, while Tracy was the one unhappy with her appearance and embracing celibacy.

However, by the end of the hour, by virtue of who they are and what they do, Christian and Sean turned the tables so that the women embraced the stereotypes they're "supposed" to be. Dr. Troy broke down Lola to the point where she asked for lipo and a tummy tuck and Dr. McNamara seduced Tracy back into the sex-hungry woman that she used to be.

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