Lost' Season 6, Episode 16 Recap: The Will And The Way... To The End Jack drink

The Candidates are ready to run.

On The Island, destiny-seeking Jack Shephard accepted Jacob's nomination as his replacement as Island protector. At the same spot some 2,500 years earlier where he reluctantly accepted the responsibility of Island stewardship from his mad, manipulative Mother, Jacob blessed some river water and offered a cup to Jack - Holy Communion, Island style. The good doctor freely and willingly took and drank the mystic elixir, and his eyes popped from psychic revelation. In that moment, I imagined that Jack's brain was flooded with epiphanies. Now I know how to kill Fake Locke! Now I know where the Dharma palette drop came from! Now I know why I'm such a douche! If only we could inaugurate our presidents with this ritual, because clearly that Bible-swearing thing does no good.

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