ROYAL PAINS ''Whole Lotto Love'' Review Season 2, Episode 10

It's a different kind of opening in ROYAL PAINS Whole Lotto Love (what's next, Stairway to Haven?) as we see a North Dakota couple win the lottery and then they're movin on east, not up, to The Hamptons. The husband, Roy, has pain in his hand and the wife, Ginnie, has a rash. Hank thinks she's just allergic to fake gold (though they can now buy the real thing) and wants to perform tests on Roy. They also invited Hank and Evan to witness taking their vows again, having invited the whole area. At the same time, Divya helps out a housekeeper who'd had a kidney transplant and the donor was that family's son. For Evan's birthday - though a few days late - Eddie throws a surprise party, but is it a cover for him stealing Boris corporate stationary and imitating his signature as Hank learns? We also see the return of Boris to his estate awaiting the arrival of his Cuban doctor/lover, but we find out later she's been arrested trying to leave the country and he can't help. Evan's girlfriend - now for real - Paige gives him an expensive watch for a birthday present and then is miffed when she just shows up with plans and is rebuffed since he's working on a financial plan for the semi-hick, yet totally nice lotto couple, who think their recent troubles are a lotto curse. At first Hank thinks the husband may have flesh-eating bacteria, but then discovers it's their pet MacCaw making him very sick with pain in the left hand the bird perches on much. Jill's around too and notices Divya has a thing for the guy with the housekeeper now in the hospital to the point she overnight with him there. The re-saying of vows party takes place with a few guests until Paige shows up with an entourage of Hamptonites. In the closer, Eddie meets Boris who tells him ominously, Oh, I know all abut you.

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