Recap - Chuck 3.3 "Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte"

Monday's episode of Chuck is entitled "Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte." For those with Spanish skills not as muy awesome as Captain Awesome's, "Angel de la Muerte" is Spanish for the Angel of Death, and it refers to none other than our own Colonel Casey. But, first things first. The episode begins in a morgue, with doctors inquiring about a corpse. When the lead doctor asks a question of Mr. Woodcomb, and receives no reply, he turns to Ms. Bartowski. Cut to a storage closet where Captain Awesome and Ellie are going at it hot and heavy. The impulsive couple doesn't even know each other's names, but the animal magnetism cannot be denied! Clearly trying to even out the "gratuitous lingerie" scene from "Chuck vs. the Three Words," we are treated to a hefty helping of Awesome abs. Then we are un-evened again when Awesome rips off Ellie's shirt (sometimes I just love TV!). Is this an attempt by Awesome and Ellie at spicing up their sex life by pretending to be strangers? Unfortunately no, this is a flashback to their time as med students.

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