Review: Two and a Half Men - Fart Jokes, Pie and Celeste Season 7, Episode 12

How great is it that Jake Harper has turned into a rotten teenager? No more the butt of the joke (okay, he still is on many occasions), now at least he's dishing it out as well as getting it. This was one of the better shows of the season and I think it's because they shipped Chelsea out early on. Can she stay away permanently? More on that and the mice at play after the jump.

Charlie is much funnier when Chelsea is out of sight. Has anyone else but me noticed this? I was ready to take Chelsea to the airport if he didn't want to. The fiance just brings down the comedy. No offense to the actress... The formula of Two and a Half Men is out of whack with her hovering.

Alan hovering, on the other hand, is hilarity. Poor Alan, so desperate for human contact; so clueless about how clingy he is. Buff Malibu doctor, indeed. I did think it was strange that Charlie was so down on spending time with Alan. There have been numerous times when they've been out to dinner, a movie, the coffee shop. I guess Charlie draws the line at mall food courts... or maybe it was the kebabs?

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