'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: A Tribal Council for the Ages

Well here we are, back for another episode of Survivor: Nicaragua, and what a doozy it was! 19 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Of Shoes and Socks

Remember last week when Jimmy Johnson told everyone that he didn't want to be thought of as the leader? Well, it looks like that ship has sailed. From the moment the episode began, it became clear that Jimmy J. is the boss around camp. Jimmy J. (when can we start officially referring to him as "Coach?") is running Espada like a well conditioned football team, and everyone except Jimmy T. appears to be on board.

It was nice to see that Holly feels bad about voting off Wendy, but I'm starting to think Holly may not be all that stable. She pulled out a big gun Survivor move, and messed with Dan's shoes. She straight put sand in Dan's ($1,600, alligator) shoes and sent them off to sea. That is a serious play! But unlike the big timers, Russell and Rupert who pulled similar moves in previous seasons, Holly immediately felt bad about it and confessed to Dan. I'm still trying to decide if that was an honorable move or an idiotic blunder.

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