Recap: "Daybreak - Part 1"

We get a glimpse at our heroes' lives before the 12 Colonies were destroyed, and it's heartbreaking for so many reasons. Also, Adama decides he can't abandon Hera just yet, and asks the fleet to go on a very dangerous rescue mission with him.

I just want to start off by giving a big "thank you" to David Singer for filling in for me last week. This week's episode title is like a little gift, don't you think? "Daybreak" has so many meanings: the time when darkness turns to light, or a sense of a new beginning, or a feeling of hope after times have been tough. Seeing this title gave me hope that the end of this show wouldn't be a descent into despair, death and tragedy; it would be the beginning of the next chapter of survival for our beloved fleet.

Caprica City - Before the Fall

I wish they had done more flashbacks of everyone's lives on Caprica before the Cylons annihilated the Colonies. I just love their dreamy tones and the insight they give us into our favorite characters. Caprica City is gorgeous, modern and sparkling, and looks like the perfect place to call home.


Adama meets with some sort of official and tells him he's commanded two Battlestars and should be trusted. The man tells him that "it" will take an hour, and there are just some things you have to do. I wonder what the heck "it" is? Any ideas?

Baltar and Caprica Six

They drive through town in a fancy stretch SUV limo, flirting away, and just when he asks her name, she starts making out with him. (Damn it! What is her name?!) He gets a phone call that alarms him and he tells the person on the other line that he'll come home immediately. We find out that Baltar's father lives with him, but he's a cantankerous old bastard who stabbed his caretaker. The old man is surly for a good reason, though, because we get a very raw glimpse of what a crappy son and human being Baltar really is.

Six is watching this whole scene and seems a little charmed by the old man, and slightly horrrified by Baltar's behavior. Even so, she's clearly enamored with Baltar. Later, we're with Baltar at his house (the one that explodes in the opening credits), and he's already moved on to another woman. But Six shows up to ruin his mood, until she tells him she found a groovy new place for his cranky dad to live. Baltar's such a bastard! He's about to leave for his hoochie upstairs, but Six keeps telling him about the place. It starts to intrigue him. Six leaves, and of course, Baltar is much more interested in her now that she seems enigmatic and mysterious.

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