'Community' - 'Pascal's Triangle Revisited' Recap (Season Finale)

Should have known Abed would never let 'Community' wrap a season without all the season finale dramatics that come with most television shows. As usual, he was ever so close to breaking the fourth wall in his declarations about the plot developments in the episode. But that self-aware nature of the show only makes those moments even more fun to watch.

I was a little surprised to see virtually everyone who's ever had any sort of significant role in the series return for this episode. The cast was filled up like this was a series finale rather than just a goodbye for the summer. It was particularly nice to see the return of Dr. Ian Duncan, played by John Oliver.

I'd forgotten how enjoyable a character he could be as the overzealous buffoon trying desperately to be liked. He's kind of like Pierce, only even creepier. The mustard scene alone summed up his persona perfectly. I wouldn't mind if the gang had signed up for psychology with Dr. Duncan next semester.

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