Review: So You Think You Can Dance - Top 8 Perform

This season of So You Think You Can Dance will be ending with a final six instead of a final four. I'm convinced someone messed up the schedule and they were supposed to double eliminate a couple, probably back in the Top 20. Noelle's injury didn't help the situation, and they decided to just go with a final six.

We welcome the top seven contestants because Ashleigh popped out her shoulder in rehearsals and has to have an MRI scan. She won't be dancing, but she's in tears because another crippling injury may end her dancing dreams. Sadly, she would have done an amazing job with both Hip-Hop and Bollywood.

Kathryn & Ryan - Disco (Doriana Sanchez) - Kathryn's shoes were causing her to slip out of some of her steps. There were timing issues when the two had side-by-side moves, but the flawless lifts made up for it. I don't see why Kathryn would have any fears with Ryan; out of all the men on this show, Ryan is both the strongest and used to partnering.

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Dec 9, 2009 8:07PM EST

I think Jakob and Russell are the best dancers of the bunch and they have both earned their place in the finals...both had outstanding performances and amazing personalities and I just cant see them leaving. Between Legacy and Ryan...I was never a Legacy fan. I dont think he should have even made it into the top 20...The judges have been very biased towards him and have really been up-selling his talent...which i think is very limited. In comparison, Ryan is a better dancer. He's not brilliant either...but he's definitely better than Legacy. I hope Ryan stays and Legacy leaves...but for some reason people like Legacy so i think it will be Ryan that goes unfortunately...
Between the girls, Ashleigh has been outstanding...she's one of the best hip-hop dancers i have ever seen on the show and ofcourse she had been brilliant at her own style-ballroom. Just watching the clips from her rehersal show that she was going to kill it tonight and while it is unfair for the other dancers, i think she does deserve to be in the final...Ellenore has also been an amazing performer. Ive loved every single one of her solos. I think she is also a shoe-in to the finals.I think Mollee is adorable and since being in the top 10 (and away from Nathan) i think she has really proved that she is an amazing dancer and has a great personality. I think Kathryn should be the one to leave...but i dont think that will happen because she had ONE good performance last night - the chacha...other than that...she has been pretty plain and unmemorable unlike all three of the other girls...I hope the top 4 should be Jakob, Russell, Ashleigh and Ellenore with Jakob or Russell winning it in the end.

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