Review: The Biggest Loser - Live Finale (season finale)

And then there were four. Well, three. And then one. But another one, too. As promised, Alison quickly revealed which of the ladies would face off against Rudy and Danny for the quarter-of-a-million prize. But the exciting thing about these finales is seeing the amazing transformations all the contestants have gone through.

This season certainly provided plenty of "S/He looks amazing!" moments throughout. It also offered us two awesome surprises, and neither of them have to do with the winner of the show, and the $100,000 "At Home" prize.

The big challenge for Amanda and Liz was if either one of them could really compete with the guys in this finale. Last week, at their last weigh-in on the Ranch, neither of them came anywhere near what the men were able to do. I certainly didn't expect it to matter which one America chose. Rudy and Danny were going to take this.

I would love to know how close the vote was between Liz and Amanda. I think Liz may have alienated some of the viewers through the season with her attitude, while Amanda was a constant underperformer on the scale. But America voted for Amanda once (to put her into this season), and they did it again.

What was disappointing for me, though, was seeing Amanda and Liz on that stage. They just didn't look that dramatically different from the last time we saw them. Remembering Helen and some of the other winners in years past, these were not the bodies of people who were going to be able to take this title away from Danny or Randy.

Before they got to the final results, though, we had to sift through all the former contestants to see how their efforts at home worked. The one among them with the highest percentage of weight loss was looking at the $100,000 "At Home" prize. Just looking at them file through, it became obvious that it was going to come down to Julio, Rebecca or Tracey.

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