'The Mentalist' - 'Red Sky in the Morning' Recap (Season Finale) Season 2, Episode 23

Technically, Red John did not say that quote but he could very well have. Red John is twisted enough to believe he'll one day be worshiped for his killings. He can add one potential fan to his list as one important character claimed that Red John could redeem himself!

I say "he" when speaking of Red John, but it could very well be a woman, no? And based on the new tidbits we got about Red John this week, I'm still not 100 percent sure RJ is a man. You?

At the end of the episode, when Red John first speaks to Patrick Jane, RJ's voice is in a pitch that could be a woman or a man slightly modifying their voice tone. However, when RJ recited the rhyme to Jane, the tone was a bit lower. Is that proof that RJ is a man? Another hint that RJ may be a man is that John was strong enough to rather easily put the chair, with Jane still taped to it, back on its feet. Then again, Red John could be a strong woman.

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