Review Season 2, Episode 1: Better Off Ted - Love Blurts

Great. Now I'm gonna be picturing Ted as "Aquated" for the next few days. (Surprise! He looks good in aquatights!)

Phil and Lem's hilarious superhero fantasy was only a tiny throwaway gag in a premiere full of wonderfully weird moments and plotlines. There was Ted's fake obsession with Utah, Veronica's real obsession with Utah, and Taye Diggs' obsession with dressing up like a bear and terrorizing innocent park dwellers. What's say we start off by discussing that last one?

At this point, I'm convinced that Diggs' contract with ABC says that he gets to appear on all of the network's shows. (I can't wait to see him on General Hospital.) I'm not complaining, though. The guy really knows how to deliver the funny (and the crazy). At first I thought his character was going to end up being Ted's bland and handsome rival for Linda's affections. Thankfully, the writers had something far more insane in mind. Hearing Diggs confess his secret to Linda - on their first date! - reminded me of why I love this show so much: It's just so damn bizarre! But Better Off Ted rarely feels like it's actually trying to be weird. Like Diggs, the show makes crazy look easy.

So the company decided to match people up with their perfect genetic partners to reduce insurance costs? Sounds like classic Veridian to me. It was hard to believe that Ted and Linda were "incompatible," especially when Ted's number one match turned out to be a Linda clone. Seriously. She was blonde, beautiful, witty, charming, a little geeky and totally smitten with Ted -- just like Linda. Well, whatever. I liked the strange twist their relationship took after Ted - who's really just desperate for some companionship at this point - blurted out "I love you" after a quick roll in the hay. And leave it to Linda to exploit Ted's little lie just to see him squirm.

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