Review: Castle Season 2, Episode 11 - The Fifth Bullet

Don't you just love it when a series uses a tired cliche, only to take it in a completely different (and fascinating) direction? That's what Castle did in this week's episode, and it turned out to be one of my favorites of the season so far.

As soon as J walked in with amnesia, I groaned. Amnesia? Really? When it turned out that he was also a shooting victim and that, in a Theodore Roosevelt-like twist, it was a book that had saved his life, it became more interesting to me. However, I still thought I knew exactly what was going on -- and it's a testament to this episode that I was so very wrong.

A good-looking, friendly guy with amnesia? He's obviously evil, right? I honestly thought he was faking it the entire time, and he had shot the book himself in order to look like a victim. As soon as his ex-wife showed up, I automatically thought she was his accomplice. She is Cut-Throat Bitch after all, how could she not be involved?

As we went on, I became fixated on this guy being a liar. He was a big reader, so he obviously read about how to fake amnesia. When they arrested him for murder and he said, "it's almost like I tricked you," I thought that any minute he'd give a creepy Primal Fear smile and the jig would be up. But that never happened.

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