'The Event' Recap: Are the Inostrankans Aliens? Episode 2

The second episode of The Event covered a lot of ground. We learned that Avium 514 was somehow transported to the Arizona desert and that, other than Sean, all the passengers mysteriously died after getting off the plane. We learned that Vicky and a shadowy group of men abducted Leila in order to force her father, Michael Buchanon, to fly the plane into the presidential compound.

And most importantly, we learned that the prisoners at Mount Inostranka aren't exactly human, and they're not alone.

This last revelation propels The Event into great sci-fi territory. The presence of a second group who escaped and live among humans adds yet another mysterious group with questionable motives. The reveal of Agent Lee as an Inostrankan (the term I'll use for their race) was brilliant, as was the arrival of Thomas, Sophia's co-leader who seems like the inevitable villain of the series.

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