'Warehouse 13' - 'Mild Mannered' Recap

Last week's fantastic season premiere played like an homage to classic sci-fi stories and concepts wrapped up in a rousing globetrotting adventure. This week's follow-up was a fun and fast-paced celebration of the superhero and all things comic book geek.

'Mild Mannered' felt faster and looser than the recent season premiere. The show didn't have to tackle all the unanswered questions left hanging from last summer's finale. But a few ghosts of finale's past still lingered as Artie kept seeing MacPherson's image pop up in the Warehouse and Claudia struggled to get over her Leena hate (I'm having the same problem, Clauds).

But lets get to the A-story first, which was downright adorable in its simplicity.

'Firefly' shippers of the world swooned, I'm guessing, while watching Whedonverse vets Jewel Staite and Sean Maher together again, playing the cutest potential couple, like, ever. 'W13' continued its trend of geek friendly guest casting by pairing up Kaylee and Simon Tam in this case-of-the-week ep, which involved an ordinary Joe abusing an artifact that gave him super powers.

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