LOUIE ''Bully'' Review Episode 9

You finally put it in and she’ll explode. If there is one thing LOUIE does well, it makes uncomfortable real life moments even more awkward. This week’s episode ‘Bully’ opens with Louie’s father instructing his seven-year-old son on how to seduce a woman, as opposed to actually teach him about sex, and is so painfully awkward I was terrified what the rest of the episode would unfold. And similar to Mother, this episode dealt with one topic that naturally evolved as opposed to two different topics.

His first standup set refers to the fear that settles in children when they are learning about sex in school, because as always adults seem to think eight-year-olds can fully understand the mechanics and separate how funny it is to hear their teacher say penis a few times. Louie then exits a restaurant with a date and it seems to have gone quite well when they avoid grabbing drinks and head to a little crappy diner to feast on donuts and swill, otherwise known as coffee. As a New York City resident, I totally appreciate Louie’s love of these diners, cafes and coffee shops that were once on every city block and are now nearly non-existent in this ever-evolving metropolis. The couple chats over donuts, and if you know anything about Louis C.K., he loves donuts!

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