The Vampire Diaries Episode 3: "Friday Night Bites" - Recap

On the same day The CW announced they ordered nine new scripts from the writer's room, The Vampire Diaries returns with its third outing, "Friday Night Bites." Damon continues to make good on his promise/threat to Stefan (it's been almost 150 years, why stop now?) by literally using the people in Elena's life as pawns on the giant chessboard known as Mystic Falls.


"I got the other brother. Hope you don't mind."

After spending most of last episode looking for Damon, Caroline finally found him and did much more than exchange numbers. Last time we saw the pair, they were making like George Costanza by combining food and sex. Though, I suppose it's only natural if you're a vampire and can get both from the same person.

The pain of her wound awakens Caroline who finds Damon sleeping next to her. She attempts to sneak out of the room but is stopped by Damon who, after smelling her blood, shows his true face once more.

This teaser is a perfect example of why the past two episodes have continued to be compelling. They've satisfied our desire for answers while leaving other questions open-ended. Any good genre show should have big and little mysteries that they answer as the story progresses. By posing smaller questions like "What did Damon do to Caroline?" we are momentarily distracted from the bigger questions about the Salvatore brothers and their connection to Elena.


Realizing she's been treating him badly, Vicki tries to build a friendship with Jeremy. Obviously, that's just not what he's looking for and he accuses her of only falling for him for the drugs.


It's not easy being the new kid in school. Meatheads throw footballs at you for no reason; teachers try to prove their worth by grilling you with questions once they find out you may be smarter than them...

And that's just what Mr. Tanner, the history teacher who shamed Aunt Jenna (who was wholly absent this week), did. Unsuccessfully, I might add. He also allows Stefan to try out for the football team, thinking he'll be knocked on his ass. But, after a bit of practice, it's clear Mr. Tanner doesn't know history or sports.

I always knew stacking teams with older players was high-school football's dirty little secret.


Her visions of what's been and what's to come have been happening with increasing regularity. Her mind has also been fixated on the numbers 8, 14, and 22. Despite telling Elena of the unsettling vision she had after touching Stefan, Bonnie is guilt-tripped into having dinner with them both.

The dinner is awkward at first, but Stefan wins Bonnie over with his observation that the Salem witches were champions of non-conformity.


"I got my own cheerleader now!"

Persuaded to forget all that Damon's done to her - okay, maybe not all, but the vampire stuff for sure - Caroline brings her new man to Elena's. Stefan unsuccessfully tries to stop his brother's invitation into the Gilbert home and Damon's plan goes off without a hitch. He's now free to enter whenever he wants and can put all his powers to dastardly use in Katherine 2.0's own home.

In fact, why wait? I know he's going to pull something. Damon and Elena have some alone time in the kitchen-the perfect time to strike. What? He helps her fold the napkins?! Oh, he's doing a lot more than that. While he helps clean up, Damon once again brings Katherine to the forefront of Elena's mind. Turns out she died in a fire and it's not long before Elena deduces that Damon had a relationship with her as well. Who got her first? It appears that's just one of many things the Salvatore brothers don't see eye-to-eye on.

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