The Office Season 6, Episode 2: "The Meeting" - Recap

In this episode of The Office, Toby and Dwight go undercover to investigate a workers' compensation claim filed by warehouse denizen Darryl. Meanwhile, Pam gets busy making the guest list for the wedding, and Michael feels defensive following a request from Jim.

Before we get recapping, I wanted to respond to some of last week's "strongly worded posts, colored with negative hues" (aka: hate mail). I just want to clarify - I love, love, love The Office. It and 30 Rock are the reasons I park my butt on the sofa and sit home each and every Thursday night. That said, I'm 250 percent sticking behind my stance: the premiere was a good episode but not (in any way, shape or form) a stellar season premiere.

I did a very non-scientific study, in my own real-life office. I asked my co-workers what they thought of the season premiere. Of the 63 people surveyed, 11 percent didn't watch (losers!?); 59 percent (with no leading, mind you) agreed with me; 32 percent thought it was amazing (and subsequently that I was an idiot); and 8 percent saw it, had no opinion and asked me to leave them alone.

So, I guess to each his own. But please be nice, because, as Natasha Bedingfield would say: "I bruise easily!" Moving on...

We launch into a cold open with Oscar and Michael. As soon as the word "procedure" is uttered, did everyone else get the joke? Funny or played to death? Maybe a little bit of both? Thoughts?

Everything and anything that happens with Pam and her pregnancy is hysterical to me. Do y'all have, like, 324858794594387 pregnant women in your office? Because I do, and even the slightest mention of "Oh, you're baby is going to come out ugly!" sets everyone in a tizzy. Go figure! But earth to office workers ugly people make ugly babies!

Oh, just give Daryl his workman's comp, for God's sake! He works in a garage! If he wants a few weeks off for R&R while watching People's Court and munching on Pringles, I'm all for it. Heck, I'd break both my legs for that.

Kelly is amazing. not. Perhaps I love Kelly so much, because I have my very own Kelly. And my "Kelly" has her very own "Ryan". I recently tried to get "Ryan" to go karaoke-ing with us at "Kelly's" begging. And he did show...with another woman. Let's just say, hilarity did not ensue.

Is it me or is Michael, for once, totally in the right? Every time someone "important" in the office gives me a look and then closes their door, I feel - no, I know - that they are talking about me. (Obviously, they're saying ahhhhh-mazing things, but still.) Plainly put, I understand Michael's need to know.

I think it is a huge mistake for Jim to move into a management position. I mean, is the extra maybe $10,000 a year worth your soul? I don't know. I look at Pam and Jim and see "something," and I think all of us do. They strike me as "that couple". Hippie but happy, bohemian yet worldly, realistic yet still in love. Maybe it's a good plot device for the show, but just imagine Pam and Jim as managers 10 years down the road. Goodbye spark, hello resentment!

Is it weird that, in some strange, twisted way, Michael sees and feels that too? True, it is in some strange, twisted and mostly selfish way. But I still whole-heartedly agree with him. You're more than paper. [But thanks for making Dwight scream!] We'll see where this storyline goes. I can't wait to see Jim and Pam as parents. If the writers break them up, I'm going to lose it!

And OMFG!? Daryl: "Why would you think my baby sister is me?!" Dwight: "Are you serious?" I love it! Dude looks like a lady...or...the other way around! I just love it!

All and all, it was a decent-ish episode. Diehard Office watcher, do you all want to kill me for writing that? I mean, where's all the hoopla with Meredith? Angela? Kevin? And my sidebar wacko favorites?! It just seemed so stripped down. Like an MTV Unplugged set. The Office, on empty.

Maybe you'll disagree, but I'm still eagerly waiting on my throw-down, non-stop belly laughs. How about you? What did you think of the episode?

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