Supernatural Season 5, Episode 3: "Free to Be You and Me" - Recap

The first post-brotherly breakup episode finds Sam and Dean in two very different places. A brooding Sam already has a job and is working an honest living in a bar. Dean's continuing to hunt. Trouble always seems to find these two when they're fighting the good fight together. Imagine how much trouble they'll get into on their own.

As much as I know this separation had to happen, I have to admit to dreading an entire episode without a single conversation happening between the brothers. I mean, Sam almost called Dean, that's about as close as we got. It turns out I could handle it even though sadness reared its ugly head every once in a while. My heart did break a little during the classic rock montage where we see Sam and Dean doing their thing in their respective towns (to the tune of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man"). For example, Sam wipes down the bar in Garber, Oklahoma, and then the scene cuts to Dean washing his baby (the Impala) in Greeley, Pennsylvania. Just as Dean is using his fake ID to find out some info, Sam's burning his IDs. They're both alone and it's sad.

Sam's side of things was interesting because it doesn't matter what he does or where he goes, he's going to end up smack dab in the middle of a hunt. After all, it is the apocalypse. How out of the hunting life can one get when the whole world is going to pot? He's at this bar, just trying to do his job. He has to contend with a girl who curious about his life. Plus, three demon hunters also catch up with him. They are definitely aware of who Sam Winchester is, they just don't know what Sam's been up to lately. They have no idea he's partly responsible for the apocalypse starting. Building on last week, we get more of what's Sam feeling. He tries to tell coworker Lindsay his story without revealing the supernatural portion of it, but also he "sees" his late girlfriend Jessica in his bed. She's saying some pretty dark things to him:

"Even at Stanford you knew there was something dark inside you."

"I was dead from the moment you said hello."

"The people closest to you die."

"Things are never going to change for you."

Plus, Sam's telling "her" the difference between when he left John and Dean for college, and the way he left this time around. According to Sam, originally he just wanted to be normal; now he knows he's a freak. Of course we see later that "Jessica" turns into "Lucifer" (which is a creepy scene).This definitely seems like an attempt to wear Sam down psychologically. Lucifer tells Sam he's not going to trick him, he's not going to make him do anything. We all know these vessels have to choose the angels willingly. Getting inside Sam's head like this seems to be part of Lucifer's plan to have Sam eventually accept him as his vessel.

Speaking of which, is it me or are Sam and Dean both kind of screwed? Sam is Lucifer's chosen vessel! This is a shocking revelation to me. I guess by now I shouldn't be surprised but I am. What in the world is Sam going to do now? Just like Ruby said in last season's finale, Lucifer uttered the same sentiment: "It always had to be you." And as for Dean, I don't know if being Michael's vessel is all that much better. Sure he's on the side of the good guys, but did you catch that empty vessel in that hospital? The one that normally houses Raphael the archangel? I come back to my main question for this season. Why have Sam and Dean been chosen for these extremely significant roles on seemingly opposite sides of the spectrum? What is it about these two Winchester boys? And all I can think of is that the angels and demons must be enjoying this little separation. This all seems to be leading to an epic Sam vs. Dean smack-down; except it's not going to be Sam and Dean really leading the charge, it will be Lucifer and Michael. How long are the brothers going to be able to hold out? I have to think Lucifer and Michael are going to be able to make good cases of why Sam and Dean should just give in right now and give up their bodies in the name of all that is good and evil. Hopefully, the brothers will see fit to band back together to keep these outside forces well...outside.

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Sep 25, 2009 2:33PM EDT

You forgot to mention Dean getting a hooker for Castiel! best part of the episode! (other than the Sam and Devil thing)

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