The Prisoner Episode 1 & 2: "Arrival" and "Harmony" - Recap

MC's re-imagining of the 1968 cult classic, The Prisoner, kicks off its first night with a man called Six (Jim Caviezel) waking up in the desert with no idea how he got there. (Maybe he turned a frozen donkey wheel?) Worse, after being chased by men with dogs, taking a few cab rides, and meeting with a snazzy dresser known as Two (Ian McKellen), he realizes he also has no idea how to leave this mysterious place, known to its inhabitants as The Village. Along the way we get glimpses into Six's "other life," and we meet some of the other citizens of the village. However, as Six hangs around and is introduced to his "family," he begins to wonder if maybe all of this is real after all. Thus, we are thrust into a mind-tripping story that poses new questions at nearly every turn.

I'll admit up front that I've never seen the original (though I'm hoping for a copy of the Blu-ray in my Christmas stocking). So, I'll be recapping the first two hours of the three-night event based purely on what was on-screen. However, please feel free to share your comparisons and contrasts in the comments below. But please be mindful of spoilers, since I'm sure some of the plot points of the original have yet to be revealed.

"There is no New York. There is only The Village."

The man we come to know as Six wakes up in the desert and stumbles upon a man named 93, who's being chased over the dunes. 93 is able spit some nonsense about how he got away and also notes that Six is not "from here" before dying. Luckily, he also sends Six to find someone called 554 and tell him/her/it of 93's escape.

Back in town, everybody already knows Six, even though he feels like he's in a strange place. "Everybody knows everybody," one of the villagers tells Six. There's just one problem: Six can remember bits and pieces of his life back in New York, and he won't stop talking about it. Worse, Two wants to know how and why Six was out in the desert with 93. When he tells Two he wants to go home, Two simply scoffs. "There is no out, there is only in," Two laughs. So, Six breaks into 93's apartment to look for clues, and he finds a drawing hidden in a bottle.

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