Recap: February 23, 2009

I wasn't sure whether to recap this week's women-tell-all episode, because it had kind of a potluck feel: Taking a break from the drama unfolding between Jason, Molly, and Melissa, the show looked back on some past seasons and the unbelievable (read: not unbelievable) antics that haven't made it into this arc's regular episodes.

But sitting down to watch with my lovely fiancée, I once again found myself drawn in. And so, here's our recap. I can't apologize for the way it jumps between unrelated topics, because that's the kind of episode it was.

We start with some updates. Fred and Noelle, from past seasons, are dating. So are Holly and Jesse, who DeAnna dumped after choosing him last season on The Bachelorette. Charlie from Season 7 is again dating Sarah. They were together for two years, but then broke up, Sarah perhaps too bluntly explains, because of Charlie's drinking. They took a year off, and have been back together for a year. Charlie says he doesn't drink anymore and everyone applauds. This is weird, because contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seem to be drinking all the time. I'd wager that many couples wouldn't have gotten together, in fact, if not for all the free wine.

But moving on. We check in with Ryan and Trista who are still doing great. Trista's expecting a girl, and their son, who doesn't seem to be at the talking stage yet, has somehow managed to dictate a poem to his new sister vis-à-vis his dad. Trista thinks Jason should go for Melissa over Molly.

Although DeAnna, who dumped Jason on The Bachelorette before dumping Jesse, is supposed to turn up in Monday's finale, no one seems to take seriously the idea that Jason may end up with her.

We cut abruptly to Chris Harrison asking Jason a bunch of questions no one cares about to camouflage the ones we really want to know about, namely: Did Jason have sex with Molly on the camping date? Did he, as one commenter gently put it last week, take Molly, Jillian, and Melissa for "test drives" during their stays in the fantasy suite?

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