The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: Week 4

This week's episode gave one team a lot of power in the game, while another continued to alienate themselves from their fellow competitors.

After being called out more than once for lying about her game-playing strategy, Melissa is keeping up her guise that she did not throw the last two weigh-ins. And as if that didn't put a big enough target on her team's back, Red continues to stay ahead of the game by winning the pop challenge. The task had a few layers to the competition. Each team had to run the "presidential mile" in order to grab a key card and then bring it back to a board that they would insert the card into. If a green check shows, that's one point. But if you get a red X, it is no points. First team to get three points and wins you the game, immunity and three envelopes to open. I have to say that I felt for Stephanie from Team Purple when she kicked major booty by running more miles than anyone on the other teams, but was unlucky with her cards. Red came up the winner, so not only are they safe for the week, but also have three important decisions to make. The first is deciding which teach they will take gym access away from. Another is to choose who will not get an elimination vote. And the last envelope reveals that Red can give one team a 2-pound disadvantage.

Red knows these decisions could create enemies in the house, but their choices seem the fair. They give no gym access to John, since he already does most of his workouts in the pool anyway. They take away Michael's vote, since the prior week some things were said about him during the elimination that could sway his vote this week. The biggest disadvantage - the 2-pound penalty - goes to Green. Migzilla (thanks to my readers for that nickname) immediately cuts off Melissa's explanation for their choice, and they basically tell her to suck it because they welcome the challenge.

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