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If some fans are to be believed, the last episode of Heroes may have signaled the return of the Heroes they went crazy for on season 1, and not a few were quick to thank the returning Bryan Fuller for the supposed salvation (by no means implying that we love Pushing Daisies any less).

In fact, Ali Larter, who plays Tracy on the series, was quoted as saying last week that she would trust Fuller with her life. Apparently, she wasn't only saying so idiomatically, since the first episode Fuller will reportedly be writing is titled Cold Snap, which has Tracy-centric written all over it. How the fans would react, only time will tell. I connect with him on so many levels, and I think he's going to bring a strength back to the show, Larter said of Fuller's return.

Minor spoilers ahead:

Entertainment Weekly reports that Tracy might just be one of the three deaths that are set to happen on the current volume of Heroes. The catch is, two of the deaths are real while one is a fake-out, and it's not yet a certainly which of the two categories Tracy will be falling under. Of course, this won't be the first time Ali's character will be killed. At the end of season 2, Niki Sanders was killed off until Tracy emerged as her twin. I remember the writers reasoning that the change was because 'they realized that they could not go further with Niki.''

For its part, according to E! Online, Larter might just be playing yet another character, which can explain the impending death perfectly (if she's really being killed off).

"Lots of water, lots of water. We did an incredible episode that Greg Yaitanes shot and that Bryan Fuller wrote. It's his first episode back. It's just so complex. It's so compelling, and he really has come up with another interesting power-another interesting way to understand what these characters are going through."

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