'Gossip Girl' Boys a Couple of Slobs?

On Gossip Girl, Nate (Chace Crawford) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) are always immaculately dressed and clean-shaven, not to mention painstakingly poised and soft-spoken. It should be news to their legion of fans, however, that the two might actually be less than spotless and sanitary in their living conditions.

Entertainment Wise quotes insiders that Crawford and Westwick are allegedly a couple of (very adorable) slobs.

It stinks! an insider tells the New York Daily News. Those boys are slovenly and have garbage and clothes everywhere. You'd think they were living in a frat house!

The two currently share a flat in Chelsea, New York. Apparently and if the news is true, the two don't have servants to keep their place clean, unlike their small screen counterparts on the Upper East Side.

This goes against a previous interview of Crawford where he said he's a neat freak.

''My mom taught me to scrub the bathroom floor when I was little, so I'm very clean," he said.

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