Entourage: "Lose Yourself" Review Season 7, Episode 10

After hoping all season long that Entourage's Season 7 would push its storylines further than ever before and truly challenge its characters without resorting to some quick, all too convenient resolution (as has too often been the case with this show), the season finale, "Lose Yourself," fulfilled all my hopes and then some. The main problem with the episode was that in pushing the season's various plots to their utmost extremes, it neglected to provide any resolution whatsoever. In some ways it was a case of "be careful what you wish for," but in this instance the chance to see Vince and Ari's troubles erupt into total catastrophe was fascinating and exciting enough to make up for the fact that we'll have to wait for the next season (and who knows when that will actually happen?) to provide any answers or resolutions.

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