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Their first collaboration - angel vs the apocalypse action thriller Legion - might have flopped both in terms of critical reception and box office returns, but director Scott Stewart and star Paul Bettany will be hoping that the second entry in what could be called the Bettany Kicks Ass Religiously Series, Priest, performs a little better with audiences. It'll probably make more money, since it's been converted to 3D. But now those outside of Comic-Con are getting a chance to see some footage, with the release of the trailer.

Based on the Tokyopop manga series, Priest takes place is a world ripped apart by centuries of war between man and vampires. But the fang club in this story are not the sparkly, winsome romantics of Twilight or even the caped Dracula type. Nope, these are an entirely different species, a feral, blind, vicious breed of subterranean hunters whose other senses have developed to combat their essential blindness.

Humanity eventually developed a way to fight back, with the church taking over most governments and creating special trooper priests who possess amazing fighting abilities. But in the years since the vamp menace was largely fought back, the priests were disbanded and now they try to live civilian lives, shunned by ordinary folk in much the same way as Vietnam vets were.

All that changes for Bettany’s man of the cloth when his niece is kidnapped by a rogue band of surviving vampires and her boyfriend reaches out to him to save her.

Take a look at the trailer to decide whether this one will tun out better than Legion. The movie arrives on May 13 next year.

To Watch The Trailer Click Here.


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