THE EVENT ''To Keep Us Safe'' Review Season 1, Episode 2

THE EVENT's second episode is titled ''To Keep Us Safe'' and it should probably have been aired a week ago. While I found the pilot underwhelming, this episode gave us just enough information to really get the mystery going.

The airplane reemerges from it's wormhole in Arizona, crashing out in the desert. Everyone gets out alive, including Michael (Leila's father and hijacker extraordinnaire) who tells Sean that he was kidnapped and told to hijack the plane and crash it into the Presidentâ??s compound - or Leila and her sister would die.

Black helicopters head toward the scene and Michael tells Sean to run. Confused, Sean does, eventually collapsing near to a road, dehydrated and sun stroked. He wakes up on a hospital and tells the nurse on duty to call the police so he can report his girlfriend kidnapped. She doesn't believe him but calls the cops anyway. They tell her that Sean's a murderer, having killed Greg (one half of the creepy couple from the pilot). This isn't true, of course, Greg was killed by Leila's kidnappers, of which his girlfriend Vicky was one.

Sean tries to escape, but the police catch him anyway. By the end of the episode, a female detective is starting to look like she may believe his crazy story about missing girlfriends and crashing planes.

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