'Sons of Anarchy' Season 2, Episode 12 - Review: The League Goes to Jail

Now that SAMCRO has seemingly solved all their internal issues, it's time to focus on the real villains of Sons of Anarchy's second season: The League. Last time on the FX series, our favorite motorcycle club found out about Ethan Zobelle's shady dealings in Charming behind the back of his second in command, AJ Weston. Now, they're using this little piece of information to tear the League apart just like the League tried to weaken the club when they gang raped Gemma.

The first step of retaliation against the League is letting Weston know about Zobelle's heroin business with the Mayans. Though Weston claims he doesn't believe Jax's story about Zobelle, he goes to investigate and discovers a clandestine drug operation run by his fellow skinheads. He also finds out that the business is sanctioned by none other than Zobelle. Meanwhile, the rest of the SAMCRO have their own little missions to carry out.

Clay, Bobby and Tig visit Jimmy O to frame the young Irish kid Edmund as the person who ratted him out to the ATF. Then Clay and Jax visit the Asian gun dealer's leader, Henry Lin, as well as with the One-Niners, to convince them to take down Zobelle. If everything goes as planned, that means they'll be able to take down the Mayan's drug and gun business as well. On the other side of the law, Unser is doing his share by making a call to child services about Weston's kids being left alone with firearms in the house. Thus, Weston's kids are presently in the custody of child services.

Now Weston is at wit's end and Jax letting him know that he knows about Gemma's rape has only made matters worse. The two make plans to meet in order to settle scores but neither of them abide to the rules of 10 on 10 and no guns. Weston arrives with more than 10 armed men while all of SAMCRO's buddies come out of the warehouse decked with guns. In the end, though, they brutally beat the crap out of each other the old fashioned way but no thanks to Hale's arrival, no one gets killed. I was really hoping that another one would bite the dust after this much-awaited brawl but no one died, not even the person who rapped Clay's wife and Jax's mother. Instead, Weston ends up in jail for arson. Evidently, an eye witness survived the fire at Caracara and identified Weston as the culprit.

With Weston behind bars, SAMCRO shifts its focus to Zobelle at the cigar shop, where we also find Unser and Polly. They come to murder Zobelle but once again, nosy Hale and his crew show up and disrupt the plan. Though no crime has been committed, Zobelle tells the cops that he and his daughter are in possession of narcotics so the cops are forced to arrest them. Before Zobelle walks out, though, Jax tells Zobelle point-blank, "We're going to kill you."

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Large 1319615377 photo on 2011 10 24 at 03.19
Nov 25, 2009 1:14PM EST

i noticed that the finger guy somehow survived the caracara fire but no one explained how...he was locked in an office of a burning building with @ freaking fingers.....huh?! anyways oh and when piney walks right past clay to go out and clay says thanks old man....no more wtf why did you try and shoot me in the face? hahahah i loooooove this show but those were a couple points that irked me last night. ooooh and i can't be the only one that envisioned a fight club/tyler durden/gemma/flicker behind tara when she beat the crap out of that admin bitch! priiiiiceless!

Large 1319615377 photo on 2011 10 24 at 03.19
Nov 25, 2009 1:15PM EST

*2 freaking fingers...grrr

Default avatar cat
Nov 27, 2009 4:34PM EST

as a the shield fan i have one thing to say: give it up for Lem!!!!hope he stays in the cast of sons of anarchy for good!

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