NO ORDINARY FAMILY ''No Ordinary Ring'' Review Episode 3

Do the powers themselves put the Powells in NO ORDINARY FAMILY in more danger? They likely would take more risks, but then they also would have more ability to protect themselves from the consequences. Do their powers allow them to be more the person that they want to be? According to Jim in this episode No Ordinary Ring, the answer to the latter question is yes. Yet he's still the caring family man that he has always been; and his noble desire to be useful to society has not gone very far.

After Stephanie's ring is stolen by thieving wedding crashers, Jim and George are motivated to follow the thieves' trail. At work, Stephanie is informed that she has won a grant for her plant research, but would be required to undergo a physical for insurance purposes. Katie attempts to keep Stephanie's secret under wraps by submitting her own blood for examination, which they then have to surreptitiously replace. Dr. King suspects something is up. Daphne and JJ deal with normal teenage experiences with the aid of their powers.

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