Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 9 - Four Scary Stories

Jack, Pacey and Joey return to Jack's house after seeing a horror movie. They discuss the implausibility of slasher flicks. Jack and Pacey call Joey on being easily freaked out. Joey goes to get food and the back door blows open. She goes to check it out and steps outside and the door slams shut behind her. She turns around and someone jumps out of the bushes at her. She screams and the door opens... it was all a joke played by Jack and Pacey.


Joey is not pleased with the guys. They say that they were just proving that she is a coward. Joey says that she knows what it's like to be really frightened. They aren't convinced. She starts her story.

It's Halloween and Joey and Audrey (dressed up like a bloodless Carrie) make their way to the library. Audrey is on her for not going to the various parties on campus. When they get inside, Joey tells Audrey that she can go. She then sees a 40-ish guy at the end of the room. Audrey tells her that she doesn't want to leave her. A girl was attacked in the library the semester before. She points out the guy to Joey, but Joey says that she'll be fine. Audrey leaves.

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