Treme Episode 3: "Right Place, Wrong Time" Review

Treme's really making us work for it, huh? I have a feeling that the more casual viewers of this show will probably give up after this week, which is a shame considering that things are gradually starting to come together. We're beginning to see sparks that, later in the season, are certain to be ignited. First, let's sum up of where we are up to this point, because last night's episode was typically dense and we're still sifting through half a dozen separate storylines.

Antoine wants to keep his family unit together, but can't help cheating on his girlfriend with the strippers from the club he's been playing at. Last night he found out that Kermit's band went to play a gig up in New York City without inviting him; Antoine's resulting drunken stupor landed him in jail, and now he's back out on bail (thanks to Toni Burnette), but his trombone's either in police custody or gone for good. Albert, meanwhile, has discovered the corpse of one of his tribe mates under a boat in the back of the guy's house, and has also met an attractive neighbor whose nephew, it looks like, will be doing some work for Albert. Davis continues to do battle with everyone around him, from the rich gay neighbors who have moved into the apartment next door to the Louisiana National Guard, who arrested him for drinking out in the open. LaDonna, getting no answers about her brother's whereabouts -- and no help from her husband's brother, a civil court judge -- will be teaming up with Toni to take the Orleans Parish to court to produce the prisoner supposedly in their custody. Annie's career as a street fiddler is poised to take off now that she's been discovered by real-life musician Tom McDermott, while Sonny's still scrounging for pocket change to buy her a birthday bottle of wine. | width=240px]

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