True Blood : "9 Crimes" Review Season 3, Episode 4

"9 Crimes" gave me the feeling that things were moving along, but not any clue as to where. It's a tricky sensation. Still, I do find myself a lot more interested in Bill now that he's not Sookie's beau, and I've discovered that many of the characters in the series are benefiting from this onslaught of mysterious motives; Bill, Russell and James Frain's Franklin are totally fun to watch simply because we don't know how to feel about them. Also, they're all fairly polite, which always creates a captivating dichotomy when it comes to murderous vampires.

If Bill is really undercover, then he's reallly undercover. I mean, so undercover that it almost makes him a total badass. He even gave poor Sookie the "we f@#$ed like only two vampires can" speech. And we still don't know why Bill would be undercover because we don't exactly know what Bill suspects Russell might be up to. He's either concerned about his Queen, or he wants to help Russell take over her territory. Or maybe he really has "fallen in" with Russell and believes the whole "I will only bring you suffering" spiel. The scene between Bill and the young doomed stripper - with her confessing the depressing abyss that is her life and that awesome Massive Attack song playing in the background - was a meditative display of how this series, when it's not got its tongue planted too firmly in its own cheek, can really tap into something poetically morbid. It was a great moment.

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