Dexter Season 4, Episode 4: "Dexter Takes a Holiday" - Recap

On this week's episode of Dexter, Rita and the kids take a trip and leave Dexter home alone to plot his next kill. Lundy and Deb are hot on the trail of Trinity, who selects his next victim. And Dexter's department is feeling a lot of heat after Quinn's reporter girlfriend writes a story calling the department out for chasing a "theory" about Trinity instead of focusing on the Vacation Murderer.

Daddy Dexter Gets Some "Me Time"

Rita and the kids head on a road trip while Dexter stays back at home. This vacation from his family duties can only mean one thing - Dex is in the mood for blood.

He begins to do his homework on a police officer, Zoey, whose husband and daughter were supposedly killed by an intruder named Darius Ray. She claims she shot at Ray in her home but only grazed him with the bullet leaving his blood all over the crime scene before he fled. Based on her spot-on target practice and inconsistencies on in the blood spatter reports, Dexter goes to speak with another lab tech regarding the matter. The tech tells Dexter based on findings, he thinks Zoey killed Ray prior and planted his blood at the scene of the crime and shot herself in order to pin the whole thing on this man with a criminal record.

Dexter goes to his old apartment where he beings to examine the photos of the crime scene and notices Zoey was wearing gloves when she shot herself based on the blood on her wrist. Dexter's dad appears and continues to emphasize how family life isn't good for Dexter. He tells his son Zoey killed her husband and daughter so she could be free. Dexter tries to tell him nothing would ever drive him to do such a thing and that he really likes his family life. But when his dad asks him if he even misses them, Dexter is at a loss for words.

Dexter is 99 percent sure Zoey committed the heinous crime and pays a visit to her open house to see if he can find that last piece of evidence to be absolutely positive she killed her husband and daughter. He searches around, and Zoey offers to give him a tour. She tells Dexter she separated from her husband and he has the daughter - and shamelessly flirts with Dexter in the process. She leaves, and Dexter tries to recreate her steps when he realizes she must have thrown the gloves in the garbage disposal. Dexter jams the disposal up so as to give him an excuse to go under the sink and "fix" it. In the process of his handyman demonstration, Dexter opens the disposal up and snags a piece of blue plastic that's identical to the one protective police gloves are made out of.

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