Futurama: "Proposition Infinity" Review

"Proposition Infinity" was Futurama's satirical take on the arguments for and against gay marriage. In the future, it's a fight for equality for robosexuality - relationships between robots and humans. The episode delivered plenty of hilarious observations regarding gay marriage and the movements surrounding it, but the story was incredibly hollow.

This isn't the first time Futurama has dealt with the issue of robosexuality. In "I Dated a Robot," Fry engaged in a relationship with a Lucy Liu-Bot, which was discouraged by the Planet Express crew. With multiple references peppered throughout earlier seasons, the Futurama version of homosexuality has become fairly established in the series. "Proposition Infinity" was the series chance to focus an episode specifically on gay marriage. The episode title comes from California's famous Prop 8 regarding the legalization of gay marriage, by turning the eight on its side to make the infinity symbol. Many of the jokes surrounding the issue of a robosexual marriage were inspired by that vote and others like it around the country.

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