Eureka's Fargo is Ready for Season 4

SyFy's Eureka is back this Friday with a brand new season and things are about to change. Battlestar Galactica's James Callis is joining the cast , they're doing a crossover with Warehouse 13 and after the first episode, nothing in the town full of geniuses will ever be the same. I got to chat with Neil Grayston, who plays the loveable nerd Douglas Fargo, about what's coming up. He tells us that, even if you haven't watched since day one (like I have) you can jump in this season.

Poor Fargo has been a bit unlucky in love...and pretty much every other way. They've had Grayston -- who also voices the house, SARAH -- covered in goo, naked and abused in every way possible. He tells us that this season is no different, but he doesn't mind at all. Alright, he minded the goo...

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