Haven: "Welcome to Haven" Review

Advance Review: Syfy is looking to step up its original programming this summer with Haven, an ambitious new supernatural drama that is certainly a worth a look as far as summer series go, but ultimately fails to distinguish itself as an engrossing thriller.

The premise involves Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), an FBI agent assigned to investigate the disappearance of an ex-con. This leads her to Haven, a small picturesque community on the coastline of Maine. Agent Parker soon discovers however that a few of the locals have some supernatural abilities that they don't teach at the academy.

The show is touted as being based on the Stephen King story The Colorado Kid, a 2005 hard-boiled mystery novella, but an "inspired by" banner would have been more appropriate. Other than the small town setting and female lead, the creators daringly draw more from King's paranormal works than the detective novel. The result is a show that may pique the interest of Twin Peaks, X-Files and Heroes fans, but doesn't display any potential to live up to those series.

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