Larry David Previews Curb's Cranky Summer

Over seven seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, creator and star Larry David has offered a DVD commentary for precisely one episode - the pilot. "I hated it so much I couldn't do it again," David says. "I didn't have much to say about it, nor did I want to share much about the so-called 'process' with the audience. It just wasn't for me." With a laugh, he admits, "I don't put too much work into the DVDs." (Season 7, featuring the celebrated Seinfeld cast reunion, comes out June 8.)

So belated DVD-style commentary will be offered as TV Guide Network presents Curb: The Discussion. Larry's amusingly cringeworthy behavior is dissected by host Susie Essman, who plays his gutter-mouthed foil Susie Greene on the show, and celebrity guests. The Discussion follows encore episodes of Curb, which is making its basic-cable debut on TV Guide Network Wednesday, June 2, at 10/9c.

"I ran into Jon Feltheimer, the head of TV Guide Network, and said, 'Gee, this is going to be awful; you're going to have to cut at least eight minutes out of every show, because it's close to 30 minutes, and on TV Guide Network, with commercials, a show is 21 minutes. It's going to be incomprehensible,'" David recalls. "He told me, 'I want to block out an hour because we don't want to cut the show, either. But if we did that, there'll be 10 minutes at the end we have to fill up.' I came back to the office and Dave Mandel, one of our writer/producers, came up with the idea for The Discussion, and I thought, 'That's great!'"

David offered ideas for topics but was too busy to join the panels - he's prepping an eighth season of Curb, which will make it HBO's longest-running series. He won't reveal much about the new season, except that five episodes will be shot in New York and the other five in Los Angeles, the show's usual setting.

He sat down in his Los Angeles office - a plaque reading in recognition of larry david's sad need for recognition hangs among the art and pictures on its walls - to reflect on Curb, comedic controversies and his recent clash with Madonna on Jerry Seinfeld's NBC reality show The Marriage Ref (when he told her, "You hate men," she fired back, "No, I hate you!").

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