Waste of Time

I really am easy to please (I survived the Love Guru), but this movie just really did not appeal to me whatsoever. See, I love a good thriller, I really do. I especially love movies which involve a world ending tragedy (who wants to hang out with me?)

But...this movie seemed like one that had all of the right ideas and just terrible execution. Will Smith is no Tom Hanks, and I mean that in the kindest words. He simply can't pull of carrying the majority of a film by himself. That being said, not a lot happens in general in this movie. There is very little to keep the viewer involved and the scenes that are actually disturbed me.

The ending also left way too many questions unanswered and had a lot of gaps. I think this is a common flaw of transitioning a novel into a film.

Bottom line, I love you Will Smith, but I can't recommend this movie...to anyone.


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