New PREDATORS Featurette: Alice Braga's Character, Isabelle

The Predators website will be doing a featurette on each of the film's characters in the weeks leading up to the flick's release. Last week, we got a look the dangerous doctor Edwin (played by Topher Grace). Today, we're meeting Alice Braga's character, Isabelle. While all of the characters are intended to be bad-asses, this new featurette shows that not all of the characters are bad people. Isabelle is a sniper looking for redemption after accidentally getting her spotter killed on a mission. However, after seeing The Losers last night, she'll have some tough competition against Cougar (Oscar Jaenada) who is leading this year's race for Most Awesome Sniper. She's already at a disadvantage because she doesn't have a cool cowboy hat to tip after a kill.

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