American Idol Episode Recap: The Top 11 Perform

For American Idol's top 11, the pressure was on: Elimination this week means no spot on the summer tour. But the added stakes didn't really shake up the show, as the front-runners impressed and the rest turned in another lackluster night full of terrible song choices. So, who's in danger of missing the tour? Let's find out.

The opening commentary among Ryan Seacrest and the judges was even more overstuffed than usual, There was more of Seacrest and Simon Cowell's faux hatred of one another, and Simon talked about how being eliminated this week is like holding a lottery ticket with five of the six winning numbers: You come thisclose to winning but miss out on a lot of money.

Miley Cyrus is the mentor. (Nope, can't even type it without laughing.) Yes, she's a tween idol, and she's sold 15 million albums, but what is she going to say to help these singers, many of whom are quite a bit older than her. I was going to work her comments into each singer's section, but since her advice came in three basic categories - add some personality, connect with the audience or push yourself and the song - it would just get repetitive. Somehow, I thought even Quentin Tarantino was a better mentor.

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