ENTOURAGE ''Hair'' Review Season 7, Episode 6

What did you think of tonight's episode of ENTOURAGE Hair? After last week's episode there were a few things I was eagerly anticipating tonight. For starters, I really wanted to find out what kind of dirt Amanda and Lizzie have on Ari. Also, after Drama's dramatic display at Bob Saget's house last week, I was hoping something good would happen to him in Hair. So let's talk about what did happen in tonight's episode of Entourage:

Vince: So when I saw tonight's episode was called Hair, I thought it was referring to Vince's lol. Apparently, tonight's episode had a double meaning just like last week's Bottoms Up. I like how this show has been adding more 'guy talk'. It's helping to spice up the season. But anyway, back to Vince. That was some cliffhanger there at the end. Full frontal to Vince looking passed out Bottoms Up by the pool. Do you think he is okay? I'm worried his recent behavior with the tequila videos and his new gf could cost him this big movie deal. I hope not!

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