RUBICON ''Keep the Ends Out'' Review Episode 3

There is a girl (the second one I’ve heard about) who has the odd ability of finding four-leaf clovers. She is adept at seeing shapes and distinguishing patterns, so they pop-out at her. She finds so many that she gives them away. Of course, this made me think of RUBICON, wondering if intelligence analysts in real life actually make instantaneous connections based on just a few pieces of information; and how many cases they go through, saving us all from annihilation with their analyses. From this week’s episode “Keep the Ends Out”, one would assume yes to the first question.

Will is being stalked by three men. One turns out to be a Special Agent who tails Will for FBI security clearance reasons. It is still unclear who the other two men are or to whom they report. David’s son Evan asks to see Will; he wants the Norton that David gave to Will before dying. With his superhuman senses, Will pegs the bike as another clue from David. He strips off a piece of tape on the bike seat and finds a code on the sticky side. There is also a gun in the seat. When Evan goes to Will’s apartment to claim the bike, Will again instinctively asks Evan about the number of times the New York Yankees won the World Series. This turns out to be the key that breaks the code on the tape. [This was an interesting bit of baseball history, regarding the one day major league career of Allan Travers on May 18, 1912.] Will goes to Ed for help on deciphering the code.

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