SCOUNDRELS ''That's the Way the Money Goes'' Review Episode 7

The That's the Way the Money Goes episode of SCOUNDRELS finds Cheryl scrambling to save yet another job while she drifts farther from Wolf and closer to Mack. Casey and Cheryl's lingerie business has orders pouring in, but Casey gives her ex the company's money which he uses for a cocaine deal. When Cheryl goes to retrieve it, Mack saves her from walking in on a drug bust then returns her money as their flirtation heats up. Heather has her first modeling gig and a fling with a reality TV star who promises her a job but only gets her notoriety until Hope finesses the situation. Cal is saved from arrest by Tanya while Logan reconnects with Patty Hong.

I have a hard time buying that Casey gave the company's money to her ex, especially since they needed it to buy fabric for orders due that week, but I suppose an episode with stable employment for Cheryl would be too much to ask. Virginia Madsen does do furious really well, and we certainly see plenty of that. I don't think Cheryl loves Wolf at all anymore, and with his condescending attitude, who can blame her? Mack, the man who has spent years chasing her family, shows her more respect. The slow-burning chemistry between Cheryl and Mack works and his discomfort after Cheryl meets his ex is adorable even if his getting together when you're young speech is much too heavy-handed.

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