Supernatural Season 5, Episode 11 Review: "Sam, Interrupted" - Featured

Sam and Dean intentionally check in to a psychiatric hospital to hunt down the monster-of-the-week. While "pretending" to be nine kinds of crazy, the brothers have to face down some truths about their lives, as well as their mindset.

Welcome to the second half of Supernatural's fifth season. It's been a long two months, hasn't it? But new episodes are finally here. I'm proud to say I'm writing the recap for the 2010 People's Choice Award winner for Favorite Sci Fi/Fantasy TV series. So happy we Supernatural fans were able to band together and let the world know how much we love the show. I mean, we've always been talented at spreading the good word about Supernatural, I'm just happy we were finally able to do so on such a big stage. Congrats go out to Eric Kripke and everyone who has anything to do with creating such a wonderfully addictive program. OK, enough of the gushing about Supernatural as a whole, on to the first episode of 2010: "Sam, Interrupted."

There's no Angelina Jolie or Winona Ryder in this mental institution. Martin, an old friend of BDW's, enlists Sam and Dean's help to investigate some mysterious monster. The first hilarious portion of the episode is how the brothers get themselves checked into the psych hospital. They tell the truth about their lives. It's funny to hear Sam reveal how he caused the apocalypse. And Dean just wants the doctor to fix his brother so they can go back to traveling around the country and hunting monsters. They say everything with such a straight face. So classic.

Besides Martin and the main doctor guy (Dr. Fuller) that realizes Alex (Sam) and Eddie (Dean) aren't playing with a full deck, there are two other players we're introduced to: Nurse Erma and Dr. Erica Cartwright. I'm wondering how many people figured out Nurse Erma was the wraith. It took me quite a while and I enjoy that fact. We find out the wraith that can look human, is susceptible to silver and likes to suck the brains out of doped up crazy people. Talk about creepy. Actually the entire hour was high on the creep-ometer. I did finally guess it was the nurse but only after I guessed Doctor Erica. I love the twist that the sexy lady doctor was a figment of Dean's imagination. Both he and Sam were infected from the very beginning, right from the initial physical that included the "Silkwood shower."

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