Recap Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 16 - Altar Egos

Michael Bluth and his family gather at the courthouse to discuss George Sr.'s upcoming trial. They have received a plea offer, but their lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn hadn't read it because he was 'getting back into the dating world' he'd been busy trying to pick up cross-dressing prostitutes. Lucille, speaking for George Sr., wants to accept the plea because he needs a woman back in his life. However, George Sr. already has a woman in his life - Cindi Lightballoon, an undercover FBI agent who had watched George Sr.'s "Caged Wisdom" series of self-help videos and fell in love with him. She tells George Sr. that she knows for a fact that he can beat the government's case against him, so George Sr. wants to go to trial. Michael nevertheless walks off with the thick plea, which he plans to read. Lindsay receives a letter from Maeby's school saying that her daughter is failing the ninth grade. Determined to not be like Lucille , who ignored Lindsay's own failing of the ninth grade, Lindsay and Tobias agree to hire George Michael to tutor Maeby. At the bar opposite the courthouse, Michael sits down to read the plea, but G.O.B. is more interested in getting him to have a one-night stand with a lawyer. As he leaves, a woman, Maggie Lizer, bumps into Michael and they strike up a conversation. Michael, at G.O.B.'s advice, introduces himself as Chareth Cutestory, a maritime lawyer, and does indeed have a one-night stand. At the model home, Maeby shows George Michael her most recent failed test and pays him to just fill in the right answers and return it to her. George Michael wonders where the money she pays him with came from.

The following morning, Michael is wondering how to end his first one-night stand. He's struggling to follow G.O.B.'s instruction to just walk away when he realizes something. Thinking back to last night, he suddenly realizes that the woman he was attempting to never see again was blind, and had a pang of guilt about abandoning her. George Sr. is continuing to exploit his relationship with Cindi. He presses her for more information about his case and then starts tweaking her nipples through the prison yard fence. Lucille catches him doing this. George Sr. tries to explain, but Lucille storms away, threatening divorce. Michael comes home, upset about not getting away from his one night stand. At the same time, G.O.B. comes home with news of the woman he met last night. But when he hears Michael's story, he tells him he too still needs to get out. Because G.O.B. screwed up and got married during a series of escalating dares. Later, Michael arrives for his date in the park with Maggie. He tries to seem interested, but is actually reading the plea as they walk. Maggie realizes this however.

While working on a chain gang, George Sr. is approached by Cindi, who tells him the fact that she thinks George Sr. will be set free. But, in fact, Cindi misunderstood one of George Senior's "Caged Wisdom" tapes in which he said faith was a fact. Not realizing she was watching a bonus blooper reel, Cindi had been espousing her faith that George Sr. wouldn't be convicted, not any actual inside facts. Back at school, George Michael runs into Maeby. She took her old test again and got an A this time. She now pays him to write an essay for her, though now has to run off to a fundraiser for a sick girl. This strikes George Michael as odd. Later, at the courthouse, Michael meets up with his family, having still not read the plea. Barry Zuckerkorn didn't read it either because he had been occupied with George and Lucille's divorce. George Sr. explains to Lucille that Cindi was just an FBI informant, who actually had no information, and begs Barry to take the plea. Lucille forgives George, and Michael points out that they can't accept their offer because they don't know what it is. But they decide to anyway.

The hearing gets underway, until Michael notices that Maggie Lizer is the prosecutor. She's the most feared prosecutor in Orange County because her blindness wins her sympathy from the judge, the jury and, often, the defendants themselves. Michael tells Barry and G.O.B. that Maggie is his blind one night stand. G.O.B. implores him to string her along and Barry says Michael can help win the case. George Michael, meanwhile, attends the fundraiser for Surely Fünke, where he discovers that Maeby has been posing as a dying wheelchair-bound sick girl named Surely. Michael visits Maggie, who, still believing he is a lawyer, hands him the Bluth case file to read so she can get some help with the case. Michael is stuck with an ethical dilemma.

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